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Getting Started With Mental Ability

Ideal for Elementary School Students

Getting Started With Mental Ability

For Middle School students: ICSE/IGCSE/CBSE
Ideal for Elementary and Middle School Students
Ideal for Elementary and Middle School Students
Ideal for Middle & High School Students
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Ideal for 7 to 10 years. Advanced Course

Nimble Mind @ Schools

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The nimble academy has helped me improve in Math & Coding very much. The Olympiad classes were educative. Before understanding the questions given, properly, was quite a task but now it just sinks in after reading it. The coding classes help in decoding and logical thinking, At school understanding algebra and working on problems on the computer have become easy. Thank you very much nimble academy

Ananya Sri Kumaran, CBSE

I learned a lot in nimble throughout this year. Before I joined I didn’t have the confidence in myself that I can do coding. I gained that confidence and realized that I can think & solve problems. Coding helped in Maths at school. My problem-solving skills improved. I had a lot of fun also. I made new friends and it was a year of joy, learning, and fun. Now, in school, if we do programming, I can confidently say that I go to coding classes @ nimble and therefore I can code any program you give!.

Chetasi National Public School(NPS)

I'm learning a lot from Nimble Academy. I look forward to excel in IMO and NCO. I like Nimble Academy a lot. Thank you very much nimble academy!!

Joe Bipin NPS