Develop numerical abilities ,and overall intelligence.

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Analytical Skills

Abacus is all about using different formulas to solve a mathematical operation quickly. When a child applies the right formula to solve a question, it hones his/her analytical skills.

Sharpens memory

Children memorize different images to be constructed on an abacus virtually to solve a problem. Regular practice to this helps in significant improvement in their memory.

Motor Skills

To move the beads of the Abacus, a child needs to use his finger and thumb. This movement helps in developing gross motor skills.

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STEP 1 : Play with numbers

Age Group 5 to 8 years

Everyone loves to play with numbers!. The first step is to get your child interested so that they are eager to learn and engaged.

Visualize Abacus

Age Group 7 to 12 years

Learning happens with fun. Numbers are playing with the child now!!! Children are encouraged to do the problems without the physical abacus ( visually). Abacus is like playing a musical instrument. The more you practice, the better you are at it.

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Speed Wizard

Age Group 7 to 12 years

 Abacus is the gymnasium of the brain. Children who have completed Step 2  will continue with Step 3. This is the advanced level. Kids will perform arithmetic operations wit better speed and accuracy.