A unique & engaging curriculum for kids

Learn by doing

Project based learning with quizzes and activities will help students to develop Critical Thinking


Coding allows students to be creators. After all, coding is all about creating something new.

Critical Thinking

Our curriculum promotes independent thinking, teaches students how to define and analyse problems

Game design and development

For Grades 5- 8

Everyone loves to play games. This course will help kids to design and code games from scratch. They can be the creators instead of just playing the games someone else created.

Scratch+ Maths

Age Group 10 to 14

This  is a one-year computing and mathematics-based curriculum. Its aim is to enable learners to engage with and explore important mathematical ideas through learning to program.

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Fun with Math and Scratch

For Grades 2 - 5

Students are introduced to programming through storytelling. They will use their imagination to design a story with multiple scenes, multiple characters, dialogues, and animations

Our students love the way they learn